What is the right direction for a mirror to hang in your house?

By: Global Trends Hub

According to Vastu, everything kept in the house is related to the happiness and prosperity of the members of the house.

The mirror is the reflection of the physical image of the person. Therefore, if it is installed in the wrong direction or place in the house, it can have negative consequences.

Today we will tell you about some Vastu tips related to installing Mirror at home.

According to Vastu it is auspicious to have a mirror in the north or east direction.

The mirror should never be placed inside the house in the west or south direction. 

According to Vastu, there should never be a mirror in the bedroom. The mirror placed in the bedroom causes Vastu defect.

It is believed that if there is a mirror in the bedroom, then there is tension in the married life of husband and wife.

If there is a mirror in the bedroom, then put a light coloured curtain over the mirror.

This information is only based on beliefs, scriptures. Take expert advice before adopting it.