Stay Alert: People drinking Milk at Night be safe

Milk is Considered very beneficial for health as it contains Calcium and Vitamin-D in enough amount.

Milk makes our bone Health Strong. With these it keep us protected from many diseases, this is the only reason why people consider milk in their diet.

Many people love to drink Milk in the early Morning and some in Night Before Bed.

The bacteria lactose and protein in milk make it unsafe to drink before going to bed. 

Drinking Milk at Night cause Sleep disorder and Many times people faces probles with their Sleep Schedule.

At night, the liver starts doing the work of detoxification in the body, in which milk gets disturbed. That is, the functions of the liver, which work for those who do not drink milk, become very slow in those who drink milk at night.

Hot milk at night is still considered okay to an extent, but if you have a habit of sleeping after drinking cold milk then it is not good at all.

Many nutritionists also believe that drinking milk at night causes problems in digestion. So if your stomach is not clean or there is a problem in digesting food, then stop drinking milk at night.

 If you drink milk at night, then your risk of gaining weight may also increase. Due to sleeping after drinking milk, calories are also not burnt.