Know The Secret Of Each Day In Valentine’s Week

By: Global Trends Hub

Rose day- 7 February

This day's theme is roses, which symbolize freshness, fragrance, and love's enduring beauty.

Propose day- 8 February

You can express your feelings to your crush or propose during this day. Consider making your proposal memorable so they will never forget it.

Chocolate day- 9 February

In a chocolate day, we wish that our relationship only gets sweeter and sweeter.

Teddy day- 10 February

Teddy bears are adorable stuffed toys that make you think of cozy, delightful things and brings back childhood memories of being caressed

Promise day -11 February

Promise Day emphasizes the value of commitment. On this day, you formally pledge to being together, going steady, or both, and you keep your word.

Kiss day -12 February

On Kiss Day, lovers exchange their first kiss of commitment. A kiss is a promise to stick by you through thick and thin. It symbolizes an unwavering commitment to one another.

Hug day- 13 February

A hug is more than a physical action. It represents the warmth and safety that love provides. It represents healing and reassurance through simple actions.

Valentine’s Day- 14 February

Couples enjoy it in whatever way they like and spend time with their loved ones. It's a happy day, a day to honor dedication, love, and the joyful exhilaration of finding the right companion.