Know how, Curry leaves are helpful  in making long Hair

By: Global Trends Hub

Curry leaves contain vitamin B, vitamin C, protein and many such anti-oxidants which are helpful in hair growth.

Due to being rich in amino acids, curry leaves also give shine to the hair.

Calcium, iron and phosphorus are found in curry leaves, which prevent hair fall.

Applying curry leaves and amla paste makes hair shiny, strong and long.

Grind curry leaves, amla and fenugreek together and apply on hair, then wash after half an hour, hair will become thick.

Boil Curry leaves with Coconut Oil for a period of Time.As soon as it gets in normal temprature do head massage. This will make your hairs stronger.

Make the paste of  Curry leaves and add curd in it. Applying this in your hairs will make your hair dense and shinny.