Know the remedy to Cure Hairfall and Dandruff problem from its Root

By: Global Trends Hub


By applying Banana to Hairs as mask will reduce these problems.


Essential nutrients like Iron, Potassium and Calcium present in bananas are not only useful for good health, but are also useful for hair health.


Banana mask makes Hair Densed, Smooth and Shiny. It Treats many Hair problems.


Especially it treats dandruff and hair fall from the root.


To make a hair mask, mash a ripe banana and apply it on your hair and put a shower cap on your head. Apply this paste on the hair for 20 minutes and wash the hair with water.


Due to the changing weather and pollution, the hair starts getting dull, in such a situation, banana paste is very effective to shine the hair. By applying banana on the hair, the folic acid present in it gives shine to the hair.


To apply this paste, mash the banana and add egg and a few drops of olive oil to it.


Apply the prepared paste on the head and wash the hair after 15 minutes, your hair will shine.