Darius Miles and Michael Davis Charged with Murder

Police have arrested and Charged two Basketball player from University of Alabama.

Miles took participation in six games for the Crimson Tide this season. He was also a former Washington,D.c, three star recruit. 

They have murdered by killing a 23-year old girl named Harris.

Through Investigation Officers have discovered that the Shooting took place in the Strip,an off- Campus Neighborhood in the 400 Block of Grace Street off of University Boulevard.

The University of Albama fired both the team member from BASKETBALL TEAM after checking the News of lady Murder.

Jamea Jonae Harris was the mother of 5 year old son. 

 Her mom said that “she was just trying to enjoy her weekend with her cousin, who attended UA, and her boyfriend."

Attorney William White, Lawyer of Miles  Claimed in a statement that his client is guiltless.