Bharati Singh's Son Gola Makes Debut in Bollywood on Bigg Boss Stage by Salman Khan

By: Global Trends Hub

Bharati Singh is reminded of her old promise to launch her son in Bollywood by her son's debut on the stage of Bigg Boss.

Salman Khan presents Bharati's son Gola with a gift of a bracelet from Being Human on his debut.

Many people dream of sharing the screen with Bollywood's Salman Khan, but Gola has already achieved this at a young age.

Gola made his debut in the limelight from the moment he was born.

Gola has now shared the screen with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss.

Gola made his debut on reality show Bigg Boss, where Salman Khan also gave him a valuable gift.

Bharati Singh kept her old promise to launch her son in Bollywood.

Gola's debut on the Bigg Boss stage is a dream come true for him and his family.