By: Global Trends Hub

Benefits of Eating Curd in Winters

Slow digestion makes some of the stomach problems which can be resolved by eating curd. This gives relaxation from acidity and flatulence.

Curd is considered as pro-Biotic that is why consuming it makes the balance of good bacteria in body.  It also makes gut health healthy which is necessary for good digestion.

It Contains anti-oxidiants in large amount which makes our immune system stronger,removes stress and improves weakness.

People love eating aloo tikki and aloo paratha in winters and consumes lots of calories thi makes increment in their weight.  In this situation they should eat Curd.

Curd  contains Vitamin-C, Potassium, Magnesium and protein which protects us from Bacteria and Infections.

As it also contains calcium so eating curd  will be beneficial for keeping bones strong.

For glowing skin you should include curd in your diet,as it contains moisturizing Ingredients.

Applying curd to your skin makes it scarless and reduces black heads.

Applying curd in your hair makes shinny,black and stronger.