The Murder of Tillu Tajpuriya inside Tihar emerge

Unsettling images of how mobster Tillu Tajpuriya was beaten and stabbed to death leaked two days after his murder inside Delhi’s Tihar prison. The murder was recorded on CCTV within Tihar’s high-risk neighborhood.

The footage shows Tillu Tajpuriya getting stabbed many times as blood is seen splattering on the ground as the gang battle broke out. At least 92 times were stabbed in Tillu Tajpuriya.

The Murder of Tillu Tajpuriya inside Tihar emerge
Source: Google

The assassination of Gogi, a notorious criminal from Delhi who was slain within the Rohini court complex in 2021, was orchestrated by Tillu Tajpuriya. After rival Gogi was killed, Tillu was housed in a ground-floor ward and was in danger of losing her life. .

According to prison officials, the assailants may have cut the first floor grills and left them in place without raising suspicion before utilizing that entrance to descend and kill Tillu at approximately 6.15am on Tuesday.

The Murder of Tillu Tajpuriya inside Tihar emerge 1
source: google

Tajpuriya was moved from Rohini prison around 15 days ago, and he was scheduled to be moved again in five days. Only this year, three of Tillu’s four murderers were relocated to Tihar.

Tillu’s murder is the second such event at high-security Tihar after mobster Lawrence Bishnoi’s partner Prince Tewatia was slain there on April 14 in a similar early morning attack by rival gang members.

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